“The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.”  Dante Alighieri

Let’s face it:  We are part of the problem OR we are part of the solution.  Ponder which side you are on in the present and which side you will choose in the future.  Ponder…and then take action.

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More Leadership Lovelies #leadership

From Leadership Gold by John Maxwell

  • Leadership is the ability to submerge your ego for the sake of what is best.
  • Leadership is evoking in others the capacity to dream.
  • Leadership is, above all, courageous.

I don’t know if many people think of leadership as courageous, but when you consider the fact that leaders often have to make tough and unpopular decisions, or make decisions based on information that is limited but all that is available at the time, there is indeed courage in those moments, and not a place where everyone would want to be.  It’s not only the decision, but also the consequences, that fall on the shoulders of the leader.  Cheers to good leaders!

Be Certain

“I learned that once I had what I wanted, I found I didn’t want what I had.”  Lesson:  Before you make the decision to have an affair, to leave the relationship, to walk off your job without notice, to make any major decision based off feelings alone, be certain of what you want.  Reality:  The end result may not be what you thought you were going to get.

A “Too Realistic” Dream

Last night/this morning, I had a dream that was so real that I sat up and had to ensure I was in my own home and in my own bed.  I dreamed I was visiting this small town in NC where poverty and kindness are prominent.  I was dining somewhere with good home cooking when I heard a few teenagers at a table behind me share with a comrade that he could eat a whole ….something if he wanted to.  He agreed.  As is my nature, I was tuning in and out of the conversation…it wasn’t MY conversation so why use my energy to listen to it?  Anyhoo, my ears perked up when I overheard something along the lines of, “…Man, I’m not going to college.  I’ll probably die by the time I’m eighteen.”  My heart broke.  I wondered, Should I now intrude on this convo?  Yep, I must.  And so I did.  I turned around briefly to see to whom I would be speaking.  It was a teenager-looking Caucasian male with brown-reddish hair who was quite heavy for his height (he was sitting so I couldn’t be certain).  He didn’t look uncomfortable but he looked like he was heading towards difficulties with movement and breathing if he continued to become obese.  Our backs were to each other and I was positioned so that my chair was to the right side of his.  I leaned back and began,

“Excuse me, young man.  I couldn’t help but overhear a smidge of your words.  Why do you think you will die by 18 years of age and not make it to college?”

“Look lady, I’m 14 and 238 pounds.  I’m smart but my family is poor and so is this town.  Getting out is hopeless, so I’ll continue to enjoy food until I die, which might be by 18 if I keep eating the way I do.”

“Hmmmm, well, it’s unfortunate you feel that way.  If you use your smarts to do well in school, there may be resources to help you go to college.  But, if you eat your way to an early grave, that’s your choice to make.  Look, young man, we don’t know each other, but I beg of you to consider a future with you in it.  Find a different path.”

I cannot recall the rest of the dream but I know that it ended with a look from him that said, I’m considering your words, lady, but I don’t know.  I don’t know you and you don’t know my situation or my future.

Any you know what my dear reader?  He would be correct – we didn’t know each other, I certainly didn’t know his family situation nor what his future would hold.  He’s a teenager.  How much control does he have to make the needed changes?  Hmmmm, so what do I make of this dream?  Encourage people even when I feel it isn’t my business to do so, listen more carefully to what others are saying, eat less myself so that I do not go from a fairly healthy plump person to obesity induced health issues, research scholarships for smart, young people in poverty!?!?!?!  I don’t know.  I’ll have to ponder.  I do know that his plight is real.  Why the situation hit my dreams, I’m still figuring that out.  Just thought I’d share.  Tootles!


Words From A Child

I was recently riding with my sister and 3 year old niece; my sis. sat in the back with her, to keep her company, since we had a long drive ahead of us.  She turned to her mommy and said 3 simple words, “I need help.”  I could not help but then reflect on how difficult it becomes to say those three words as adults.  Why is that?  Pride, independence, an assumption that we cannot depend on others…what?

Her mother believes that it is due, in part, to the fact that as soon as we pass the foundational years, we are taught to be self-reliant and independent, and the better we are at achieving those goals, the better off we are.  Maybe she has a point.  I’m still pondering.  Thoughts?

Wasting Time

Today, I wasted time…and it felt good to do it!

Earlier this week, I realized that, other than the 2 days that I took off in mid-summer, each day since that I’ve used for PTO, as well as most of my weekends, was relative to someone else or a commitment. Do understand that I do not regret it, as it means that I have people and causes in my life about which I am passionate, people and causes to whom I am committed. However, it also means that I was beginning to feel a lethargy that I could not shake and so, I took a few hours today to do NOTHING! I forsook the idea to rise this morning and work on the PC and instead I slept in, awoke to make brunch, and then sat my happy tail on the couch to watch “Man from U.N.C.L.E.” and “No Escape”, which turned out to be 2 good movie choices. I must say, I’m feeling rejuvenated (I’m on the PC, aren’t I?!??!). Ah, relaxation does the body and mind good. If it was a person, I’d give it a hug.