Single & Loving It!

Are you single and loving it, or not so much!?!??!  Why or why not!?  There are pros and “cons” to every state in life.  What’s your take on your current state?


2 thoughts on “Single & Loving It!

  1. Connie…HOT DOG!!! I was just telling my girlfriend that I LOVE being single right now. Let’s tell the truth here (or at least my truth 🙂 ). Relationships (man, woman, kids, aunties, mate, co-workers, etc) require a true acknowledgement that time is a big factor that must be considered in order for it to be effective (along with great communication). I truly don’t have the desire to divvy up my time with anyone except GOD, Caeli and my family; truthfully, my friends are even limited at this time (unless you’re one of those converted friends—you are actually more a family member than friend). Whether it’s selfish or not, I don’t have the desire. Only GOD knows this so if anything comes my way, my head and heart would automatically ASSUME it’s from HIM but we all know Satan presents himself in different ways so this too would be tackled with prayer.

    So, YES, I am a happy single woman that is enjoying the time GOD has given me to be without my husband but I do thank HIM for the great individual He’s getting ready for me (and HE’s working on my butt too 🙂 ).
    That’s my REPLY 🙂


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