Connie’s Thoughts

On a lighter note than the other posts and really about nothing other than favs, one of my favorite desserts is the tiramisu at Maggiano’s Italian restaurant.  Yuuuummmmmyy!  Tell, what is your favorite restaurant and dish, drink, dessert, etc from that restaurant?


3 thoughts on “Connie’s Thoughts

  1. Favorite dish or favorite meal…it’s actually MY COOKING that’s my favorite!! So vain, I know, but yall, I’m just learning to cook–lol! SO right now, I’m really into sauteed mushrooms and onions by itself or with a steak. I’m also really into fresh zucchini and squash right now. Who knew someone’s favorite could be so healthy!
    Thanks for letting me share!


  2. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your own cooking. I get excited whenever I make cornbread dressing for Thanksgiving. It’s the only part of the leftovers I can eat way after the day! That’s why I make enough to feed a small country! My family calls it a “trough”. It’s just that good!

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