Most, if not all, persons in leadership can speak of an experience in which a fear of failure ALMOST prevailed…but didn’t!  So, I ask you, how can fear of failure work to your advantage?

4 thoughts on “Leadership

  1. I need to go home and comment on this one after I think about it some. I know the biggest failure is the one that never tries. I know I’ve been really contemplating leaving this corporate world altogether to pursue my dream and lead others to theirs…however, my issue is not fear of failing (b/c I’m absolutely convinced this venture will succeed), but it’s fear of not knowing my next step when I’ve always been professionally routine.
    So I guess, now that I think about it, my fear of failure (which is me still be stagnant, failing to follow my dream b/c of my ‘lack of faith’–let’s be real) is propelling me to take a step out on FAITH and follow my real passion instead of making other ppl wealthy off of me. Does that make any sense?


    • Absolutely makes sense and I agree with you that, when this dream is pursued with your proper heart and skill, it will be successful. Consider taking some moments to sit and turn the first 5 steps of achieving the dream in to time relevant, specific, and measurable goals (SMART goals). Let that be your initial push to writing the vision and making it plain.


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