Higher Education

I’d like to take a moment to begin a discussion about pursuing your dreams.  For some, higher education is a dream to be achieved, not a birthright, not something that s/he assumed would be a part of the future.  Is that you and if so, what was your push to achieve your educational dream(s)?  What was the biggest hurdle in overcoming that dream?  If you can put into words, describe how you felt when you participated in graduation or how you think you will feel if you are currently pursuing your educational dreams.  Thanks for your thoughts!

One thought on “Higher Education

  1. Hmmmm. From early on, both mom and dad pushed going to college but I was the ultimate decision maker. From seeing the counselors, going on all of my college site visits on my own, etc. Whatever you want in life needs to be your decision; even college. My thoughts on this one, do what will assist you in professional/ personal growth. Never live vicariously through the lives of others.

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