What’s Next After Success?

When you’ve tasted success, then be in the pursuit of significance.  Always remember to reach back or reach down and help another when you’ve reached your pinnacle of success.  Being a blessing to others multiplies your blessings, your impact, and your good.  Let’s be about multiplication.

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The Purpose of Sacrifice

The point of sacrifice:  To give up what could be today for what will be tomorrow.  Daily, keep the future you want to see in mind and let it drive your decisions and your actions.  Your future self thanks you.

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Keep Striving

I came across the following quote recently.  While it is brief, it speaks volumes:

“Chance favors those in motion.” —  James H. Austin

I encourage you to continue to set small and large goals and focus on them with all diligence.  From volunteering in the community or church, finding professional development opportunities, getting that degree or writing that book…keep striving, keep researching, keep trying…to see what will work and what won’t work.  You’ll never know unless you try.  From Thomas Edison:  “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”  I love it!





Choose to Create Great Habits

I apologize but I cannot recall from whence I heard/read this statement, but it stayed with me.

“You make the choice to create great habits. Are your leadership habits today on par with your goals for tomorrow?”

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P.S.  I need to apply this to working out.  I used to LOVE doing some form of a work out.  Will have to ponder my downward trajectory and attitude about the matter and make a decision to be more consistent.  Oy vay!  Meanwhile, I’ll celebrate having made the decision to consistently eat better a few years ago and staying with it.  Gotta celebrate the triumphs while working on improvements.

Quotes and Goals

From Mary Kay Ash:  “Give yourself something to work toward—constantly.”

I read this quote and immediately LOVED IT,  because I feel that it epitomizes what it means to set goals.  I love talking about goal setting, the art of taking large tasks or projects and breaking them down into smaller, more easily realizable and achievable pieces.  It is absolutely necessary to achieve progress in any area of life.

Goal setting can be beneficial for tasks as simple as going to bed at a reasonable time in order to achieve a proper night’s sleep.  With that said, any  objective, large or small, should be accompanied by a S.M.A.R.T. goal.  Such goals are S-specific, M-measurable, A-attainable, R-realistic, and T-time-bound or have a time frame.  S.M.A.R.T. goals prevent tasks, objectives, project, and dreams from seeming insurmountable, from completing a high school or college paper to starting a business.  The only caveat…once it’s written, you gotta stay focused, or else it’s written for nought.  Focus = action.

Consider what areas in your life (large or small) could benefit from change and then write a SMART goal to work towards the change you want to see.  If you need help writing it or brainstorming , contact me.  I’d LOVE it.  Tootles!

Be not afraid of going slowly; be afraid only of standing still.” —Chinese proverb




Don’t Let Limitations Limit Vision 

I could not have expressed the below thoughts any better.  From Rick Warren’s Daily Devotional:

God will not only use your gifts to fulfill your destiny, He’ll also use your limitations. 

Consider Queen Esther:  She had several big limitations that made her perfect for the role God wanted her to fulfill. She was an orphan adopted by Mordecai; she was a minority, a Jew living in a Persian country; and she was a single woman. 

And God used all of these things, along with the gifts of her beauty, brains, and personality, to fulfill her destiny. Sometimes what looks like a disaster in your life is part of a much bigger plan, but you will never fulfill your destiny if you are having a pity party. 
Esther could have just said, “If only I hadn’t been chosen, if only I wasn’t Jewish, if only I was like someone else.” A lot of people do that. They live their lives in resentment, always looking at people and saying, “Well it must be nice to be them.” 
If you have that attitude you will never fulfill your destiny. You have to realize that the unpleasant obstacles in your life are often God-ordained opportunities to make a difference. 

You might be in a situation right now where everything is going wrong and you can’t figure it out. But God knows. Nothing in your life is accidental. The pleasures and pains, the opportunities and obstacles, God can use it all. There is nothing God cannot use for good in your life if you’ll hand it over to Him – and then trust him.
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