Keep Striving

I came across the following quote recently.  While it is brief, it speaks volumes:

“Chance favors those in motion.” —  James H. Austin

I encourage you to continue to set small and large goals and focus on them with all diligence.  From volunteering in the community or church, finding professional development opportunities, getting that degree or writing that book…keep striving, keep researching, keep trying…to see what will work and what won’t work.  You’ll never know unless you try.  From Thomas Edison:  “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”  I love it!





Passionate Pursuits

When you have a righteous conviction, something about which you are absoultely passionate, inconvenience is irrelevant.

As I pondered this statement, I realized that my passionate pursuit is advocating for children who have been abused and/or neglected.  For some, they share my passion, for others, it’s sharing the gospel of Christ…loving Him and making Him known, it’s working out and encouraging others to be healthy, it’s working with those in shelters, advocating for the mentally challenged, it’s making money to achieve a certain lifestyle or to be able to give more and meet needs or provide for their children.   A passionate pursuit, a righteous conviction towards change and making a difference can be anything.  We all have one, we just have to be willing to tap into it if we haven’t already.  What is yours?

Remember:  Commitment follows conviction.