Gratitude for Mom

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but felt like sharing this through the blog site. This video presentation was my mother’s 65th birthday gift earlier this month. Very touching and well done. Sharing it in the hopes that it blesses someone else. Tootles!


So, I have a project that I need to complete.  It involves reviewing and transferring multiple data points for 2,000 lines of data that don’t match up evenly, which means I have to view each line carefully, multiple times.  Further, It’s both quantitative and qualitative.  I want to pull my hair out (mind you, I have a REALLY close cut, so that’s not possible).  Such work is simply not my gifting, it does not bring the joy or excitement it might to others who love to work with data compilation and computation.

Thankfully, during my quiet time this morning, while reading a prayer, I was reminded of the blessings of responsibility.  I then decided to view this project as an opportunity for growth, for strengthening, and a break from the norm.  Plus, I must believe that the end analytics (an outsourced responsibility) will be beneficial for multiple reasons.  So, I’ll take my new perspective and apply it with fervency to this project.  O, and I’ve already decided that I’ll also celebrate its completion!  I am already looking forward to that day.

Turn negativity into positivity.

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Happy Thanksgiving 

​”Thanksgiving Day comes, by statute, once a year; to the honest man it comes as frequently as the heart of gratitude will allow.”

— Edward Sandford Martin

Let us be appreciative for that which we have, whether it be a little or a lot.  There is always a reason to be grateful.  Tootles and Happy Thanksgiving! 

Being Trustworthy

Before I delve into the true purpose for this post, allow me to share that for whatever reason, God has seen fit to place in my path quite a few people who are private people.  Of course, I don’t mind this.  Among the things that I really care about in a person, they include his or her ability to be genuine and his/her heart for love and equity of others.  Because those are among the main characteristics that I look for, I have an otherwise diverse set of personalities in my life.

Last evening, I had the opportunity to catch up with a very dear person who, for the short time I’ve known her, I have come to assume is a private person.  I learned last night that she is indeed a private person and I have become one of the people that she trusts.  As I reflected on this during my drive home, I counted it an honor and one more thing for which to be grateful…to be of the character and personality that can be considered as trustworthy, and not be considered as gossipy and judgmental.  I’m steadily growing but folks, it is important to consistently strive to be our best selves.  With most of us being our own worst critic, daily, let us savor the moments when we hear that we have been some good to others.  We don’t have to be arrogant or narcissistic, but we also don’t need to always minimize or brush off the compliments we receive.  Well, that’s it and that’s all for now.  Carry on with your day, have a good weekend, and if you wish, share what it means to you to be trustworthy.  Consider what are some of your more appreciated characteristics and what changes would you like to see in yourself.  Smooches and tootles!  #trust #gratitude

An Attitude of Gratitude

Let us take a moment to be grateful for the things that we usually take for granted, for we rise daily and those things are simply present; hence, easy to overlook.  Shelter, food, jobs, overall health, transportation, friends, family, great church, fellowship, support system, etc.  During this season and always, while we strive to be more and for some of us, to have more, let us reflect on what we do have and say, “Thank You.”  Have a great day, everyone.


Dear Reader, Fellow Blogger, Friend,

This site will ask you to ponder, reflect, and freely express your thoughts on different subject matter.  Sure, most of my postings may fit into the categories on the left of the page, but since I love discussion across a spectrum of topics (not debate, there is a difference), only the future can be certain of that which will transfer from my mental cache to this blog site.  Hence, my decision to entitle this site, “My Therapy.”  So, please read, review, comment, enjoy.  Tootles!