An Attitude of Gratitude

Let us take a moment to be grateful for the things that we usually take for granted, for we rise daily and those things are simply present; hence, easy to overlook.  Shelter, food, jobs, overall health, transportation, friends, family, great church, fellowship, support system, etc.  During this season and always, while we strive to be more and for some of us, to have more, let us reflect on what we do have and say, “Thank You.”  Have a great day, everyone.

One thought on “An Attitude of Gratitude

  1. Perfectly said. Thank you for the constant reminder. I am ever grateful for life and everything that involves. We shouldn’t wait for a season or for ‘GOD to Show out’….Gratefulness is a way of life, shown in what you do and how you do it on a daily basis.


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