Wasting Time

Today, I wasted time…and it felt good to do it!

Earlier this week, I realized that, other than the 2 days that I took off in mid-summer, each day since that I’ve used for PTO, as well as most of my weekends, was relative to someone else or a commitment. Do understand that I do not regret it, as it means that I have people and causes in my life about which I am passionate, people and causes to whom I am committed. However, it also means that I was beginning to feel a lethargy that I could not shake and so, I took a few hours today to do NOTHING! I forsook the idea to rise this morning and work on the PC and instead I slept in, awoke to make brunch, and then sat my happy tail on the couch to watch “Man from U.N.C.L.E.” and “No Escape”, which turned out to be 2 good movie choices. I must say, I’m feeling rejuvenated (I’m on the PC, aren’t I?!??!). Ah, relaxation does the body and mind good. If it was a person, I’d give it a hug.

3 thoughts on “Wasting Time

  1. I totally understand! Sometime I feel guilty relaxing, because I have so much to do as a mom and wife. I must realize that rest i’s needed to be the best mom and wife. I commend you for taking a day to relax and regroup


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