Gratitude for Mom

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but felt like sharing this through the blog site. This video presentation was my mother’s 65th birthday gift earlier this month. Very touching and well done. Sharing it in the hopes that it blesses someone else. Tootles!


The unspoken and often, unsung, heroes that anchor us.

They are providers of tough love, encouragement, and the challenges that shape us and strengthen us.

Fathers are our coaches.

Fathers provide examples of what a princess should expect and what a man should be.

Fathers teach us when it’s OK to cry and when we must suck it up and press onward, when to accept defeat and when to fight for victory.

Fathers love us unconditionally.

Fathers are strength personified and love on legs.

To good fathers everywhere, thank you for giving us our first glimpse of God.

©2016 by Dr. Connie R. Shipman


Hello Everyone,

Some of you may recall that I published a book of poetry via Kindle a couple of years ago. People asked if there will ever be a print version.  Well, this is it, with additional poems included. With that said, I am very excited to invite you to pre-order my new book, Versatility. This collection of poetry holds my most personal considerations and everyday thoughts. I hope it will inspire you to live differently.

I want to thank you for all of your support! I’m proud of this light I am offering to the world. Mid-summer 2017!

Pre-order link: