Father’s Day – 2016


The unspoken and often, unsung, heroes that anchor us. They are providers of tough love, encouragement, and the challenges that shape us and strengthen us.

Fathers are our coaches.

Fathers provide examples of what a princess should expect and what a man should be.

Fathers teach us when it’s ok to cry and when we must suck it up and press onward, when to accept defeat and when to fight for victory.

Fathers love us unconditionally.

Fathers are strength personified and love on legs.

To good fathers everywhere, thank you for giving us our first glimpse of God.

Do Students Vote with Their Feet?

To all my current or “to be” professors, administrators in higher education, or opinionated folks (regardless of the field), what think ye of the phrase, “students vote with their feet” and how realistic do you think it is?  Should colleges consider this a growing trend or threat and if so, what are some PRACTICAL steps an institution can take to ensure voting feet stay grounded?