Foster Care – “The Wave”

During this season of catching up with family and friends and simply enjoying life, while we are taking a moment to breathe, let us also take a moment to remember the children who have been separated from loving parents who made a mistake and is trying to “right” that mistake.  Such a journey can sometimes be long and arduous.  Pray for strength for both the child(ren) and parent(s) to carry on and stay focused until they are reunited with loved ones.  Meanwhile, below is a poem from this Guardian Ad Litem that captures a moment between a mother whose child is in foster care.

“The Wave”

My child has suffered.

Is suffering.

I want to help but I can only do so much.

She is not with me, not full time.

She is with someone else full time.

She is with me part-time, an hour per week…when I can make it.

A supervised hour per week and perhaps

A supervised phone call per week.

I want to do better. I am trying to do better. I will do better.

She is mine and I must have her back.

I must protect her.  Embrace her.  Empower and strengthen her.

But until then….I will cherish my visits.

I will smile as she gets in the car with the social worker and drives away.

I will watch the car until I can see it no more.

Little fingers waving out of the car window.  My little fingers.  She has my fingers.

Waving.  Waving.  Waving.

I clutch my heart with one hand and wipe streaming tears with the other.

Dr. Connie R. Shipman – 2015

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