Inauguration Day 2017

Well, good people, I have been thinking about the upcoming inauguration of America’s 45th president.  What a historical and monumental moment.  The speeches are often memorable and events of the day not quickly forgotten by some pundits and commentators.  An amount of controversy surrounds each president-elect, and Donald Trump is no different; he may have more controversy surrounding him than the last 2-3 presidents, not sure.  What I am confident about is before I considered being Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or other, I was American first.  For all of the joys and ills that is the USA, I am an American.  So, on 1/20/17, I will don some combination of red, white, and blue, enjoy my workday, and see what I can glean from the inaugural speech that may define what the next four years will hold.  Regardless of my choice of candidate, I will respect the office and view what I can of the inauguration.  Post inauguration, during the ensuing months and years, I will become an advocate for one more cause or another only if I am so moved and most assuredly, continue on with my life and impacting well those around me. 

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