Inner Strength

Peace in my life has moved from being a suggestion to a requirement….something that I must hold to, have, and fight for at all costs. What’s yours? What is that THING that feels like family that is necessary for your well-being, that adds the necessary balance to your life? I recently spoke at a singles conference on the topic of what in life is a suggestion versus requirement and I gained some fantastic feedback. One person who did not participate in the discussion came up to me afterwards to simply say, “It was thought provoking.” Apparently, it gave her something to consider for the future. Here are some examples of session attendee must haves: Serving church and community, trusting in God, forgiving others, letting go of resentment, having faith, and possessing joy. Ponder and consider…what is yours?

2 thoughts on “Inner Strength

  1. I KNOW WHAT MINE IS HANDS DOWN (AND YES, I AM YELLING!–LOL). Peace is like the air I need to breathe…I now truly know that I cannot survive without it. I used to think there were other things that I need, but I’m specifically speaking of that peace that surpasses all understanding. That peace that comes from CHRIST…That peace I cannot do without. That type of peace lets you know that anything CAN and WILL be done as long as it’s in accordance with CHRIST. That peace lets you know all is okay when it truly doesn’t feel nor look like it….that Peace wants to be more apart of my life and I’m letting it b/c that PEACE loves me in a way I am still learning to love myself.
    So you ask what I can’t live without…..I thought it was my daughter, but I realize it’s GOD’S PEACE. That PEACE lets me know that HE will always take care of me, my daughter, my family, my friends and my nation….under 1 GOD!


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