Let’s Talk Greenleaf

For those that don’t know, Greenleaf is a new fictional show on the OWN channel (Oprah Winfrey Network) that surrounds a primarily African-American Christian megachurch, the family that runs it, and the sins, joys, challenges, and struggles that lie therein. I cannot yet tell if the purpose is to provide a conversation starting television production, highlight sins that MIGHT lie behind church doors or church-based families that have forgotten to sincerely keep God at the center of all that they do, or serve as a reminder that Christians are imperfect people who struggle just like everyone else, and not only struggle, but give in. Shoot, all of the above reasons may be irrelevant to the show’s purpose. Whatever the purpose, I pray that people remember #1) this is fiction and #2) because it is fiction, churches nor Christians should be judged according to that which is shared on the show. It’ll be interesting to see how it shapes up.

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