Feed the Soul

“We work to feed our appetites; meanwhile our souls go hungry.”

I read this recently and my first reaction…Wow, that is profound but how true is it?  Further, if it is true, what, if anything, can we do about it, individually and corporately as a society?

I decided that for many of us, it is true and the resolution is individual, for no adult soul can be force fed; we choose what we put into our soul.  With that said, what are you choosing to feed your soul today?  If you find that it is filled with junk, what are you doing to cleanse it?



2 thoughts on “Feed the Soul

  1. I’ve chosen and will continue to feed my soul ‘The Truth’ (HIS word), more books that are inspirational and speak to my professional goals in life….I feed my soul by keeping the ‘nay sayers’ away and the ‘go getters’ close by. Last but not least, I’ve watched TV less and listened to great music more!! My soul is in a state of consistent joy b/c I’ve uncluttered the negativity…and continuously doing so!

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