Today, in the Celebrate The Savior Moment at church, we were asked to share how Jesus showed compassion on us.  I will share that there was a time when I was angry with God and another when I was disappointed; He didn’t hold it against me.  He had compassion on…and patience with…me.  Those responses have shown me how to be with others.  Over the years, those responses have made me a better person, volunteer, and leader.  For that, I am grateful.  Whatever your story, your past, you’ve not done anything for which He will not extend to you the same compassion and patience He extended to me and many others.  If this post speaks to you, I invite you to have a chat with Him.  #CelebrateTheSavior

One thought on “Compassion

  1. I just thank HIM for hearing my voice and never turning HIS back (my girlfriend explained to me that HE hears His children’s cry from the throne!). Can you imagine how I felt when I realized He hears little ole me! In my crying, joy, disdain, etc…and He accepts, never leaves and is there (holding onto me every so tightly when I cry). The tears always feel good to get out b/c the rainbow follows shortly thereafter! Thank GOD for GOD! And for mercy and grace!!

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